We are rescheduling routine appointments until after May 3rd, but are available for those with essential healthcare needs (appointment required).

We know that hearing and communicating is essential, especially in a time of emergency. As part of California’s essential healthcare workforce, we will continue to do our best to support you during this difficult time. However, we are limited by the shelter in place order and our desire to help control the Covid-19 outbreak. Your health and the health of our staff and their families are our top priorities.

If you are having increased difficulty hearing or are having a problem with your hearing devices, please call us at 415-927-1567 or email us at info@MarinHearingCenter.com. We will assess your situation and determine what we can do to help.

No Contact Services Available:

 NEW Curbside Drop-off/Pick-up of Hearing Aids. Drop-off/Pick-up at the front door or you remain in your car and we come to you. Place your hearing aids in a bag or box WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND PHONE NUMBER. We can check your hearing devices, make minor modifications or repairs and then return the devices to you in your car. Please call first or make an appointment to ensure availability and compliance with social distancing.

Phone Orders. Order Hearing Aids, Batteries, Repairs and Replacement of Lost Devices. Curbside pick-up or have the hearing aid pre-programmed and mailed directly to your home.

Telehealth Appointments. Connect with your audiologist by phone or video appointment using any PC, iPad or Smart phone that is connected to the internet. Some hearing aid models can be fit and programmed remotely. Do you have questions about hearing loss and hearing aids? We can schedule a Complimentary Hearing Aid Consultation or Advice Appointment via Phone or Virtually Online.

Need new hearing aids? If you’ve had a hearing evaluation, we can order now and we’ll deliver the hearing aids to your home pre-programmed to your hearing loss. We’ll schedule a fitting via Remote Programming and an in-office follow-up fitting once the shelter-in-place order is lifted.

Minimal contact in-office essential healthcare services available:

  • Essential hearing aid fittings and adjustments for those that are having significant difficulty hearing without hearing devices.Whenever possible this will be done via Telehealth Video Appointment. If an in-office visit is needed, we will schedule this for you.
  • Sudden hearing loss if referred by a physician.

 In-Office Essential Appointment Protocol:

  • We ask that only the person attending the appointment come inside. Driver or family members should wait in the car.
  • Please come to your appointment with a mask or other mouth/nose covering.
  • Wash-hands upon entering.
  • Remain 6 feet away from your healthcare provider whenever possible.
  • Your healthcare provider will be wearing protective equipment and will sanitize and disinfect the office, surfaces and all equipment used per CDC Guidelines and per the state’s infection control guidelines and requirements.

All other appointments, including Hearing Aid Consultations and questions about your hearing or your devices are being scheduled via Telehealth appointments. Your audiologist is available to help you via a phone or online video appointment.

Be well everyone. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Marin Hearing Center