We at Marin Hearing Center believe that better hearing is a process

We are proud to offer specialized services and products as part of our total hearing healthcare program. Not only are we specialists in diagnostic hearing testing, hearing aids, and other amplification devices, but we also believe there are other tools that can be used to enhance our patients’ hearing and communication abilities.

LACE™ is an acronym for Listening And Communication Enhancement.

LACE is a home-based, computerized, interactive, adaptive aural rehabilitation and auditory training program that assists in developing listening and communication skills and provides strategies to help compensate for situations where hearing and hearing aids are inadequate. Scientific studies of this home-based, interactive program, developed by leading audiologists at UCSF, suggest that LACE training results in:

  • significant improvement in speech intelligibility in difficult listening situations
  • reduction in a patient’s perception of their hearing impairment
  • increased success and satisfaction with hearing aids

Although we hear with our ears, we listen and comprehend in our brain:

Hearing aids can help a person detect softer sounds, but they don’t necessarily provide good listening skills. These abilities can be damaged both by hearing loss and by the natural aging process. Even people with normal hearing can be poor listeners. Good listening is an essential component in effective communication.

Purpose of LACE

LACE provides patients with a means to process speech sounds more effectively. LACE helps retrain the brain to deal with decreased information due to hearing loss and allows patients to practice and train with hearing aids to optimize listening in difficult situations. LACE also provides communication tips for more successful hearing aid use and patient satisfaction.

Components of LACE

  • Adaptive auditory training in difficult listening situations: speech in babble noise for listening in crowds, competing speech for listening with a competing voice distraction, time-compressed/rapid speech for listening to fast talkers, missing word for processing speed and use of contextual cues, auditory memory and cognitive skills training for short- and long-term memory training
  • Helpful communication tips/strategies
  • Standardized testing throughout the program to assess progress

How LACE is implemented in our practice

  • The LACE user obtains a CD or download and a registration code from our clinic
  • Instructions are provided for successful use of LACE
  • Training is completed at home for 20-30 minutes a day over a period of 20 days (recommended training is 5 days a week)
  • Daily training progress is automatically provided to both the patient and audiologist
  • Training is adaptive; that is, it proceeds near the patient’s own skill level.
  • Training proceeds at the individual’s own pace

Whether you are currently wear hearing aids, are just acquiring aids, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds of life.

While hearing is a sense, listening is a skill.


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