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Audiology Testing

Our audiologists offer a full range of diagnostic hearing tests, including audiometry, middle ear function and speech in noise testing. We identify the type and degree of hearing loss and provide treatment for a variety of hearing issues.

Hearing Aids

Breakthrough hearing aid technology. Hearing aid consultation, prescriptive fitting, and ongoing service by experienced doctors of audiology. Get the best fit right from the start and for years to come.

Lyric Hearing®

Invisible, extended-wear hearing aids. Replaced in our office every 1-3 months, it stays in while you sleep and shower – no batteries to replace or charge.


Assessment of tinnitus type and severity, preventative measures, and customized management strategies for tinnitus relief.

Custom Earpieces

Custom molded and crafted ear pieces for hearing aids, hearing protection, music, swimming, sleeping, and audio devices.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Strategies to improve your brain’s ability to process sound and heighten your engagement with the environment.

Helping Our Patients Elevate Their Quality of Life

We love helping our patients feel more connected through better hearing.

American Speech-language-hearing association
board of California licensed audiologist
American Academy of Audiology