Dr Valla couldn't have been more caring and thorough in testing my hearing. He carefully listened to my concerns. In my case, he was able to reassure me that my hearing is fine, but I'm sure if there were any issues he would be excellent at talking me through the implications and options. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. I thoroughly recommend this practice.

Alyssa Avatar

5 star ratingHighly recommend this company. Kim and Robin are both consummate professionals--thorough, kind, and caring. This is my first experience with hearing aids (I'm losing the high end which affects my listening in group settings), and though I paid a little more than I might have online, the time and attention to getting the right device for me, and getting it fitted properly was well worth it. Kim let try out a demo set of Widex aids for about 6 weeks, long enough to get comfortable with the fit and the changes in sound. She was easy to negotiate with around price....I'm a happy customer. Thanks, Kim & Robin

George Avatar

Talk about custom care! Drs. Kim and Andy listen carefully, get to know you as a person. They custom fit, they make sure everything works, and welcome return visits to make double-sure that the hearing aids support your individual life-style. Friendly, patient, expert--how could it be better?

Michael Avatar

I'm absolutely delighted that I chose Marin Hearing Center. Andy Valla's professionalism, expertise, & and patience through the entire process were extraordinary. The results I have already experienced with my devices far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended Andy to several of my friends & will happily continue to do so.

Ron Avatar

Dr. Andrew Valla is an immensely knowledgeable hearing specialist. I went to his office with a tinnitus problem and a significant decline in my hearing, especially in my right ear and in higher frequency sounds. Dr. Valla analyzed the problem with sophisticated computer-backed equipment and fitted me with devices that restored my hearing. It took several steps, however, and I was welcomed back at no additional cost to examine the issues and adjust the device programming until everything was right. My hearing aids are "tuned" for my needs and are completely invisible in my ear canals. Marin Hearing Center has been great for me.

Robert Avatar

Dr. Andy Valla has moved to Marin Hearing Center and he is giving the same great care with patience, expertise and professionalism. Nothing has changed with Dr. Valla's great care other than he is giving it in his new setting in Corte Madera. I highly recommend Dr. Valla and Marin Hearing Center and their great staff.

Daniel Avatar

Very friendly and warm scene, and perhaps the only doctor's office in the world with coffee and chocolate truffles in the waiting room. Kim knows her stuff, and sympathizes with old musicians and their audio ghosts. A great combination of professionalism, compassion and just general niceness!

Jeb Avatar

5 star ratingAfter a difficult few weeks dealing with sudden hearing loss in my left ear, I felt welcomed and secure in their capable hands.
The test was through and the outcome showed further investigation was necessary.
After all other tests are completed I will most definitely return for hearing aid/aids.
I would definitely recommend this practice.

claire Avatar

I found Marin Hearing Center via an online search and based on all the positive reviews decided to have my first hearing test in MANY years there. I'm super impressed and would recommend this place to anyone -- in addition to testing my hearing, discussing most likely recent episodes of vertigo and onset of tinnitus, I got some great overall fitness tips from the doc who is also a triathlete! Very glad to have found Marin Hearing Center.

Maida Avatar

Excellent experience with Dr. Andrew and the whole office. Very attentive to your needs. Responsive to any questions. Highly recommend!

Ken Avatar

5 star ratingThis is a great team-Kim, Andrew and Robin are dedicated to giving you the best possible service and fit for your hearing aids. I highly recommend them,they are extremely professional and a pleasure to do business with.Jim

Jim Avatar

I've been totally deaf in my right ear since I was 4 years old. At 49 I finally decided to explore hearing aids. I was disappointed with the options/service at Kaiser. A friend suggested Marin Hearing Center and I was blown away. Andy was great. After a hearing test/consultation I decided to get a hearing aid with a cross. The prices and service are better than Kaiser. The results have been incredible. I'm able to hear much better now and wished I had done this years ago. Well worth the time and money. Marin Hearing Center... Ya hear me? Now I do.

Nathan Avatar

Over the past decade I have worked with four different audiologists in four different cities. All were dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, but Dr. Andrew Valla at Marin Hearing Center outclasses them all! He is up to speed on all the latest tech and truly wants his patients to get the best help possible. I will never go anywhere else.

Tim Avatar

Andy was very kind, a good listener, understanding, thorough, knowledgeable and clear in describing test results/the reason for a referral to an ENT.

Liz Avatar

I found Marin Hearing Center to be a great place for my hearing needs. Dr. Valla is a great resource, and a caring and compassionate care giver. I recommend him and the rest of the folks there highly.

Jeff Avatar

Andy was very kind, a good listener, understanding, thorough, knowledgeable and clear in describing test results/the reason for a referral to an ENT.

Liz Avatar

Great cusomer service-0+ mn

Alan Avatar

I am very happy with the treatment received and the hearing aid I purchased. It wasn't cheap... but really changed my life. If I knew before, I would have bought it a long time ago...
I visited four different Hearing Centers, and I am very happy to have chosen Marin Hearing Center. The best.

Franco Avatar

5 star ratingMarin Hearing Center provides the very best in medical care & is unmatched in providing exemplary audiology services.

Our ENT dropped the ball and Marin Hearing Center came to the rescue. Their experienced team of professionals spent hours with us navigating the confusing world of my daughter's hearing loss. They didn't miss a single thing.

This is one of the best medical providers I've come across. Run don't walk to Marin Hearing Center. You won't be disappointed I guarantee it!!!

Mary Avatar

I am a professional musician, so my hearing is very important to me. This place was great. They have high tech equipment that was able to test which frequencies my ear plugs were canceling and not canceling out. They also tested background noise, my ears' ability to hear different types of speech and taught me about how a combination of antioxidants can help prevent hearing loss.

I saw Joseph when I was there and he was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this place.

Angeline Avatar

5 star ratingI can't say enough good things about Dr. Valle and Marin Hearing Center. Dr. Valle was extraordinarily patient and thorough in answering my endless questions and explaining every little detail. The office staff was also great and professional and made financing a simple, stress-free process. Appointments were always on time or at most 5 minutes late. I HIGHLY recommend Marin Hearing Center!

Julia Avatar