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Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Styles: Something for everyone!

Modern hearing aids come in a variety of styles and models to fit the needs of the patient. While hearing aids of the past were mostly large and bulky, hearing aids today have become significantly more cosmetically appealing. Patients are now able to choose from more styles than ever before, depending on their hearing loss, personal preferences, and social and dexterity needs. Below is a review of various types of hearing aids.

Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) | Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

These types of hearing aids are very discreet. A nearly invisible coated wire that connects the small casing that sits above the ear to a receiver that sits inside of the ear canal. Because the receiver is smaller than an earmold, sound is able to flow through the ear canal. This gives you a more natural sounding hearing experience. RIC hearing aids can connect to your smart phone and are available in rechargeable models. RIC hearing aids also come in a variety of colors and are built for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC)

This type of hearing aids  are smaller and even less visible. CIC is made for mild to moderate hearing loss.

In-The-Canal (ITC), In-The-Ear (ITE)

This type of hearing aids sit inside of the canal in a lightweight plastic shell and are custom made to fit the wearer’s ear canal. ITC and ITE hearing aids are made for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

This type of hearing aid has a battery compartment, microphone, and controls that sit behind the ear with a clear tube connecting to the earmold. Because the earmold can be easily changed without having to purchase a new hearing aid, this style is often chosen for children whose earmolds need to be changed as they grow. The casing that sits behind the ear can be purchased in various colors to match the wearer’s skin tone, hair color, or fashion choice. The BTE is for those with mild to profound hearing loss.

Extended Wear: Lyric Hearing Devices

Lyric is 100% Invisible – placed in your ear canal, remaining completely out of sight. 24/7 hearing – You wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time without taking it out. Every month or two your audiologist replaces the devices. You can use Lyric through daily activities such as exercising or even showering.

CROS Hearing devices

This type of hearing aid is for those with hearing in only one-ear. Known as single-sided hearing devices. They can help in situations that are difficult for those who only hear from one ear: noisy rooms or not hearing someone because they’re not positioned on the side of your good ear. If this sounds familiar, a CROS hearing aid might be the solution for you.

The “Best” Types of Hearing Aids

We select hearing aids from major hearing aid manufacturers who have published data regarding their features and effectiveness. Because there is not one “best” hearing aid for all patients, Marin Hearing Center audiologists work with each patient to find the hearing aids that best serve their individual needs. Rest assured that Marin Hearing Center has experience in fitting all types, styles, and models of hearing aids.