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Elevate Your Hearing

Today’s hearing aid technology is amazing and fully customizable. Here are some exciting features making life easier and better for people.

Widex Moment Sheer™ PureSound.

If you’ve tried hearing aids in the past and they sounded tinny or echo like, you are going to appreciate this new technology. When amplified sound from a hearing aid doesn’t enter the ear canal at the same time as sound coming into the ear canal naturally, it can create an artificial sound experience. Widex’s new breakthrough technology called Pure Sound overcomes this to give you a pure and natural sound experience.

High-fidelity Sound.

Hearing aids with clear, rich sound. Enjoy better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort.


Charge your devices at night and wear all day. Longer-lasting rechargeable hearing aids mean no battery changes. Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) styles are the only rechargeable style currently available.

Automatic sound processing.

Devices that make intelligent hearing and sound adjustments suited to your needs and your environment, ensuring optimal sound levels all the time.

Advanced Tinnitus Therapies.

Listen to various types of sounds through your devices. This may bring some relief if you suffer from ringing in the ears.

Feedback cancellation system.

Providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long. While it’s normal to hear some whistling when you cup your hand over the device, they shouldn’t whistle while just talking and wearing them.

Water, wax and moisture repellent systems.

They protect and ensure device durability and dependability.

Hearing device and activity tracker – health wearable.

The first hearing aids ever to include integrated sensors so you can track your body and brain health activities and send fall alerts.

TV Play.

Turn your TV on and wirelessly stream the sound to your hearing devices. Family members can have the volume where they want it and you can hear directly in your devices. It's similar to wearing head phones, only you are only wearing your hearing devices. Patients love this!!

Smart-phone compatible.

Easily make adjustments to your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with the an App in your smart phone. Most apps have interactive options that allow you to shape your listening experience, adjust volume and programs, stream phone calls and music wirelessly from your phone to your devices in your ears.