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3D Digital Ear Scanning Is Here.

Marin Hearing Center is proud to be Marin County’s first to offer the very latest in personalized hearing care, 3D digital ear scanning. A 3D digital ear scan is a modern approach to ear impressions. It ensures you get the best possible hearing aid solution for your hearing loss.

It’s easy, painless – and one scan can be used over and over again for any custom ear product.

3d digital ear scan

What is a 3D digital ear scan?

Traditionally when ordering custom hearing aids, earmolds, or ear protection we take an impression of your ear using soft silicone.  While this worked well for decades, we now have a better, safer, and more accurate alternative to create personalized custom fit hearing instruments just right for you. A 3D digital ear scan uses two different types of lasers to create an exact replica of the inside of your ear canal and it’s structures. Our highly skilled audiologist first checks your ears for wax using video otoscopy. Your ear is scanned and a 3D digital image of the ear is then uploaded and stored in our secure cloud storage. We can then use the scan to order custom hearing aids, earmolds or ear protection made just right for you. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. The best part is that it

Benefits of a 3D digital ear scanning solution.

  • Perfectly fit hearing devices.
  • Precise 3D rendering of the inside of your ear.
  • One scan can be used for an endless number of products.
  • Safe, risk-free, and easy process.
  • Quick turnaround time for product orders (no more waiting for impressions to ship).
  • See inside your ear canal and know for sure if it’s hearing loss or earwax.

Marin Hearing Center’s audiologists Dr. Andrew Valla and Dr. Kim Hoppin are trained in the Otoscan 3D digital ear scanning solution. Please call (415) 927-1567 for an appointment. We are expecting a high demand for this service and appointments are limited so please don’t delay.