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You don’t have to struggle
with hearing loss.

Why Wait to Get Hearing Aids

New hearing aids provide tremendous health, social and cognitive benefits. Don’t continue to struggle with hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Technology

There have been significant breakthroughs in hearing aid technology that we would love for you to experience. Because of these breakthroughs our patients tell us they haven’t been struggling nearly as much to hear clearly anymore.

The most common and successful treatment of hearing loss is with hearing aids. Modern hearing aids are digital microcomputers that automatically adjust to sound thousands of times per second, making speech comfortable and natural sounding. Today’s hearing aids process sound quickly and can be completely customized to your hearing loss.

Most Popular Hearing Aid Features

Rechargeable. No more batteries to change. Just set them in the charger each night and they are ready to go the next day.

Bluetooth. Connect your hearing devices to your mobile phone. Download compatible apps that give you to ability to change the volume of your hearing aid and make minor sound preference adjustments.

Music Program. Most hearing aid programs are designed for speech. Having a separate program for music enhances the way music sounds.

TV Streaming. Wirelessly transmits the sound of the TV direct to the hearing aid. It’s like wearing wireless headphones only with your hearing aid you can also hear other people in the room while you watch TV.

Research has shown that the “use it or lose it” principle applies to our ears. Untreated hearing loss can lead to deteriorated understanding of speech over time. Hearing loss is also linked to a higher risk for diabetes and dementia. Treating hearing loss early is highly recommended.

Hearing Aid Services

Real Ear Measurements and Hearing Aids

One of the ways we are getting more accurate with amplification is with the use of new fitting technology called Real Ear Measurements. It precisely measures the sound delivered by the hearing aids in order to program them to closely match your hearing prescription.