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My Joy?

Talking some good old fashioned girl talk with my friends. My Hearing. My Way.

Your Hearing Matters to Us.

Hearing clearly is so important. We know it’s frustrating when you try to listen to someone but can’t make out what was said. You ask them to repeat and miss it again. Or worse, you misunderstand and answer the wrong question. You are noticing it’s harder to hear people clearly in social situations or noisy places. Our audiologists and professional staff understand how important it is for you to hear more clearly.

Committed to You

Our audiologists and professional staff are committed to helping you hear the sounds you want to hear at our clinic in Corte Madera, CA. We offer innovative solutions for all ages. Our patients are referred here by their primary care doctor, general practitioner, neurologist or otolaryngologist (ENT). We welcome patient and self-referrals as well. Give us a call to request an appointment.


Our practice is built on patient satisfaction. We hope you’ll feel empowered and confident in your care at every step.