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Marin Hearing Center’s Individual Approach.

A precision exam, proven treatment with continued care for life, all delivered by licensed audiologists. Because there’s more to solving hearing problems than hearing aid technology.

Why the Individual approach?

With a subject as personalized as hearing, every part of your unique hearing issues and lifestyle comes into play. From the people and things you love to hear to the professionals who help you get more from your hearing experience. One solution doesn’t fit all. And turning up the volume doesn’t make sounds clearer. That’s why for over 20 years we’ve designed solutions tailored to your hearing preferences in partnership with our trusted professionals.

Here’s Why Patients Choose Marin Hearing Center for their hearing loss:

Our hearing care is a personal experience.

Our patients appreciate the time we take to get to know them. Because we are a small practice, you usually see the same audiologist and front office manager every time they come in. We are on a first name basis with most of our patients. Patients don’t have to tell their story repeatedly to a different person.

Our approach and expertise set us apart.

The audiologists at Marin Hearing Center all hold Doctor of Audiology degrees (and have big hearts). Our custom methods mean we achieve the best result for you. We provide personal solutions just right for your personal hearing experience.

We’re up-to-date.

We offer the latest technology and methods to diagnose and restore your hearing. One of the ways we are getting better results with hearing aids is with the use of new fitting technology called Real Ear Measurements. It precisely measures the sound delivered by the hearing aids in order to program them to closely match your hearing prescription.

People feel good recommending us to others.

The vast majority of our patients come from referrals from other patients and local physicians.  A recommendation to a friend or family member is the highest compliment we could ever receive.

What to expect from Marin Hearing Center’s Individual Approach

  • Expect a relationship with Doctors of Audiology, and their team of professionals.– not salespeople or technicians.
  • Expect to be seen in-person, safely one-on-one with your Audiologist and get your problem solved efficiently. We also offer video or phone appointments when you can’t come in.
  • Expect a super clean place where you feel welcome, with modern equipment and friendly service.
  • Expect a detailed hearing examination and cutting-edge technology delivered with a personal touch.
  • Expect a tailored precision fitting of your hearing devices using real ear probe microphone measures. Leave the guesswork behind.

At Marin Hearing Center, every device needs to satisfy your hearing, your way, so we select, fit, and follow-up on every hearing aid we fit for life! That’s our promise backed by a 6-week 100% money-back guarantee.


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