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Custom Ear Protection

Custom ear protection helps prevent hearing loss and reduces the volume of unwanted sound. For frequent swimmers, custom ear plugs reduce the possibility of ear infections and bone growth in the ear canal. Sensorineural hearing loss is irreversible, keep the hearing you have with comfortable custom ear protection.

Custom Earplugs and Hearing Protection

Use when listening to music, swimming or sleeping.

  • Sleep & Travel – reduce the volume of the sounds around you.
  • Swimming & Surfing – prevent ear infection and exostosis.
  • Musicians – Custom hearing protection with high frequency filters.
  • Shooting & Hunting
  • Industrial & Workplace
  • Motorsport
Custom Earbud earmolds

Communication Devices for Law Enforcement and Reporters

We supply communication devices for many bay area law enforcement agencies as well as local television reporters. We make a custom earpieces and supply the necessary cords and connections to their radio and/or transmitter.

  • 2-way Radio Accessories, including the Sound Waves HD