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A new study suggests that Lyric Hearing aids may offer an effective option for reducing tinnitus.Lyric hearing aid


Manufactured by Phonak, the Lyric Hearing aid is a very small invisible hearing device that is inserted deep into the ear canal by an audiologist. It is worn 24/7, even while sleeping. Do Lyric Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus? Researchers at the University of Melbourne Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology investigated whether the Lyric hearing aid offers greater reduction in tinnitus compared to those wearing traditional hearing aids. In the study one group of participants were fit with traditional hearing aids. The other group of participants were fit with hearing aids and tinnitus maskers. Both of these groups were instructed to wear their hearing aids all day. The 3rd group was only fit with Lyric hearing aids. All groups completed pre and post Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) measures and Sleep Quality Scale. Because tinnitus often interferes with sleep researchers wanted to find of if Lyric hearing aids help tinnitus and improve sleep quality.

While all groups experienced a reduction in their tinnitus as a result of hearing aid use, they found that people wearing Lyric Hearing aid achieved the greatest reduction in their tinnitus. 64% of participants wearing Lyric showed a significant reduction in tinnitus after just 1 month of use and a whopping 85% saw a reduction in tinnitus at 3 months. Compared to 27% and 55% of the participants wearing traditional hearing aids. One possible explanation for the better result is that Lyric Hearing Aids are worn all day and all night making the effect on the auditory system more consistent and long lasting. Sleep quality improved with the Lyric group, but not enough to be statistically significant.

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