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How to Improve Your Hearing, (yes, it’s possible!)

Have you ever wondered if you are experiencing hearing loss? Or worried about hearing loss worsening? Millions of Americans experience hearing loss. Most sensorineural hearing loss is permanent, but rest assured there are so many easy methods and exercises to improve your hearing health. All of which can help prevent hearing loss.  

Boost Your Diet, Boost Your Hearing

By incorporating foods into your diet that are nutrient-dense, it will allow for improved hearing health and overall health. Foods such as whole grains, fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish can all have amazing vitamins that are great for the health of your hearing. Foods rich in omega 3’s, magnesium, potassium and vitamin D are all good foods to add to your diet. Some examples include salmon, walnuts, avocados, hemp seeds, flaxseed, and many more nutrient dense foods.

Incorporating vitamins into our diet can also have a positive effect on your hearing health.

  • B vitamins have been linked to the regulation of fluid levels in ears and encourage blood circulation to the ears.
  • Magnesium can help with nerve function in your ears, as well fighting noise related damage to the ears.
  • Zinc can help with fighting off bacteria and protecting hair cells in the ear. Zinc is also shown to promote an overall healthy immune system.

Exercise Your Body, and Your Ears!

Getting physical exercise is essential to overall health and can be wondrous for your hearing by increasing circulation and blood flow to your auditory system. Yoga, gardening, jogging or even housework can help with circulating blood throughout the body by increasing your heart rate.

  • Go outside, and take a walk in nature with little artificial noise to allow your ears to focus on subtle sounds. Recognize the ambient noises around you. Repeat this activity frequently and discover all you begin to hear.
  • Try putting a radio or speaker in one side of the room and focus on listening to the sound carefully. You can also listen to books on tape or have someone read to you.

Avoid Loud Noise

Loud noise damage is the number one cause of hearing loss. One of the best things you can do for your hearing health is prevent hearing loss before it happens. Keep the volume on your headphones at a safe level (below 85 dB). Avoid going to loud concerts or wear hearing protection whenever you are around loud noise.

Meditation for Improved Hearing

Meditation can be a powerful tool for your ears and your brain. Daily meditation is shown to have benefits of oxygenation and blood circulation to the ears and within your brain. Your brain is responsible for interpreting sounds that your ears hear, by meditating often you can improve both your brain function and hearing.

  • Try meditating in a serene place with natural noise such as a park. While meditating, close your eyes and try focusing on the noises around you. Locate the sounds around you by listening carefully.

Wear Hearing Aids

You probably already know that the best way to improve your hearing is by wearing hearing aids. While they won’t reverse your hearing loss, properly fit hearing aids can improve speech clarity and help you hear better in difficult listening situations. Did you know that hearing aids can also prevent auditory deprivation? A deterioration in the ability to discriminate speech. Auditory deprivation occurs over time in those with hearing loss who don’t wear hearing aids. 

Schedule an appointment with an Audiologist at Marin Hearing Center

Although there are endless ways to improve your hearing health naturally, you should still see a hearing specialist right away! Detecting hearing loss early, and incorporating lifestyle changes are crucial in improving hearing health. Seeing an audiologist will give you precise information on your hearing and put you on the right track for healthy hearing.

  • Call Marin Hearing Center today to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. (415) 927-1567, Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00