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Please be aware that your hearing aid could fall out while you are removing your mask or facial covering. We have had patients who have lost their hearing aids when taking off their masks and we don’t want this to happen to anyone else.  The strap of the mask, which often goes around the ear, may catch on the hearing device and pull it out of your ear. Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids are so small, lightweight and comfortable that you may not even feel it happen. Once the hearing aid falls out, you could end up losing it. We wanted to bring this to your attention and remind you to protect hearing aids when removing face mask. After removal, check that your hearing aid is still in its proper place. The best way to prevent loss is to do a quick check that your hearing aids are still on whenever you remove your face mask.

If you are looking for other reinforcement options to protect hearing aids when removing face mask, here are a few solutions that are available commercially and one’s you could make from items found within your own home.

There are clips you can get from Marin Hearing Center that clip the strings of a mask behind your head instead of behind your ears.

We have a product available Otoclip. An otoclip has transparent strings where one end is looped around your hearing aids and the other end is tied to a clip that can be attached to your clothing or glasses. If the hearing aid were to get pulled out of your ear without you feeling it, the aid would hang safely from the string that was clipped to your clothing. Just don’t wash your clothes with them still attached. Otoclips are $9.95. If you would like one, please call our office to order and we can either mail it to you or arrange for you to pick it up curbside.

If you would like to try to make something similar at home using a rubber band or fishing line and a paper clip:  please click the video link below where Dr. Andy Valla shows you how.

If you do happen to loose your hearing device and purchased it from us, most are covered under a 2 or 3 year loss and damage policy. They often turn up a few days later as well. Please call us if it doesn’t turn up and we will get you a replacement as soon as possible. In most cases we can mail or deliver the hearing aid to your home. Having a hearing aid when you have hearing loss is essential. We are will help you hear again as soon as possible. If have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. and someone will be happy to help or get back to you soon.

DIY: Attach your hearing aid to your glasses with a rubber band. Click here to see video:

DIY: Attach your hearing aids to fishing line that is attached to a paper clip. Click here to see video:


All the best,
Your Marin Hearing Center Team!