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Maintaining and regaining hearing health is indispensable. Your hearing health is especially important as it affects your overall well-being. Caring for hearing loss is critical to staying healthy, informed, and connected. In times like these, it becomes even more evident that taking care of our ear health is an essential, vital prerequisite for a healthy, safe, and socially embedded life. Whether you are at home, hiking, jogging, or playing music, untreated hearing loss increases the risk of dementia, depression, falls, and memory and balance issues. Sources: National Institute for Health, CDC, and Johns Hopkins.

Get a hearing health check every year. Marin Hearing Center is now open for hearing healthcare visits by appointment.  We are taking extraordinary precautions to ensure your complete safety at our office. Please click here to learn more:

If you had a scheduled appointment that was canceled during the shelter in place, we are reaching out to patients to reschedule. If you need help with your hearing, please call us to schedule an appointment. In addition to in-person visits, we are also able to schedule Telehealth video appointments with your audiologist, phone consultations, and curbside drop-off and pick-up of your hearing devices.